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We have quite a few friends that we need to mention here. However, because of limited space we unfortunately will not be able to give all the details. Trust you understand.

Chad & Raya Jordan – Shelby Township, MI 

Chad is the son of Brett & Melissa Jordan. I have known the Jordan family all of my life! Chad’s Great Grandparents (who are now with the Lord) Herb & Lottie Jordan were charter members of the Detroit Bethel COTN and I have never met two finer Christians in my entire life. And this goes for the entire Jordan family as well! Well, Chad and his beautiful wife Raya have started a home church called The Desert River Church (can be seen on FB) and Brett has informed me that they are not taking a salary because they want to put the money from tithes and offerings back into the community that they are trying to reach for Christ. Also, they are trying to get into prisons with the Gospel. To have an income they have started a coffee company and the web page is: www.desertrivercoffee. They are hoping that the income from this business will provide for them and their family.

So, if you feel that you would like to support them, or to promote them to any church or business, I know that they would be so very grateful. Question? How many young pastors just starting out today do you know who would decline a salary to help others and trust God to take care of them through a new business? If you feel the Lord would have you support them, please do so, ok?


Stacey Buckamneer – Glenpool, OK

Stacey is the 33 year old daughter of Keith & Cindy Wilson who are longtime and faithful ministry partners of GHEA, Inc. and very special friends of mine. For over a year now Stacey has been dealing with very, very serious auto immune issues that has truly been a real ordeal, to say the very least. Personally, I can’t begin to imagine all that she (and her family) has had to go through and are still dealing with at the present time. I have been praying faithfully for her and her husband Josh and I sincerely hope that you put them on your prayer list as well. Asking God for a complete and total healing and trusting Him to do it.

Dr. Charles Self – Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Self has just retired from Nazarene Bible College after teaching there for many, many years. Only heaven will reveal all the lives/students that he has touched and impacted for Christ! Well, for over a year and a half his battle with cancer continues as he has gone from one treatment to another. He and his wife Kathy have made trips to California and Texas to consult with specialists there in addition to all the many hospital and doctor visits they’ve had here in town. Recently, he’s been taking a different treatment of Chemo and we are all hoping and praying that this will be successful. I have prayed for this precious couple faithfully, and I sincerely hope you will as well. 


Greg & Wilma McKenzie – Colorado Springs, CO

Last Summer Greg had major heart surgery and the operation took over 17 hours to perform. He and Wilma were told that he may not make it through the surgery but it was the only option they had left and I cannot begin to explain all that it entailed. Well, thank the Lord it was successful! However, he’s lost a great deal of weight and his recovery has been slow, arduous, and so very, very difficult, to say the very least. Wilma has been such a great caregiver through all of this in spite of the fact that she too is dealing with a myriad of physical issues as well. All of the Nazarene Bible College family & their many friends have prayed faithfully for them and continue to do so. and I’m asking you to join us as well. I thank you on their behalf.