We have quite a few friends that we need to mention here. However, because of limited space we unfortunately will not be able to give all the details. Trust you understand.


Don & Retha Cook – Colorado Springs, CO

We requested prayer for them in our last newsletter, and I’m asking you to continue to pray for them. She is dealing with cancer in her sternum and has gone through many radiation treatments, but the battle continues. She survived breast cancer 20 years ago, and now has to deal with this dreaded disease again. Also, Don has had some health issues as well. Don and I graduated from NBC together back in 1975. And Retha was my assistant when I was working on my doctorate. They are two of our closest friends and we are covering them with our prayers. Please put them on your list, ok?

Gary & Nancy Kendall – Colorado Springs, CO

Sadly, another story of cancer returning. Nancy had breast cancer as well 18 years ago, and it’s now returned. She, too, is going through continuing tests and procedures and we are all hoping and praying for a full and complete healing and recovery. As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we have known this precious couple for many, many years now and our hearts go out to both of them. Whenever a family member goes through something difficult like this, both the husband and wife are in it together. I thank you for praying on their behalf.


Beya Orozco – Roswell, NM

In our last newsletter I mentioned that her husband Jim was possibly going to have brain surgery, and he did. However, after the surgery, the recovery process was very slow and very painful. A few weeks later he passed away and went home to be with the Lord. When she let me know, my heart truly had mixed emotions. I was sad because we will really miss him. However, there is no doubt, whatsoever, that Jimmy heard those precious words from His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord”, and for this we are truly grateful. They have been two of my most faithful friends and ministry partners for over 25 years now, and for this I will be eternally grateful. Please keep Beya and her family in prayer as they adjust emotionally to Jim’s homegoing. Ok? Thank you!

Nancy Layton – Colorado Springs, CO

Nancy and her husband Terry have been members of the Springs First COTN here in Colorado Springs, Co. for many years and have a real blessing to all of us in our church family here. Terry was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier in the year and it’s been a real battle, to say the very least. Recently, they went to Washington State to be with their family there on Thanksgiving Day. While there, Terry took a turn for the worse and was taken to the hospital and was put in ICU. A few days later, I received word from the family that he went home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while listening to the last verse of the song Because He Lives“And then one day, I’ll cross that river, I’ll fight life’s final war with pain” and at that moment Terry took his last breath here, his incessant coughing stopped, and there was an overwhelming sense of God’s Presence and Peace that filled the room! Wow! Please join me in prayer for this Nancy and her family as they adjust to Terry’s Homegoing, and I thank you on their behalf.


Lee & Meg Knapp-Crossville, Tennessee

Wonderful praise report! Meg is recovering from recent surgeries and we thank the Lord for answered prayer! Brother Lee shared with me that her strength is coming back and that she is now driving again and going to church! PTL! I have such love and appreciation for this precious couple! I don’t know of anyone who loves the Lord, the church, and others more than they do! I am so very grateful for their long time and very special friendship, they are the absolute best, and one of God’s special gifts to me! Thank you Lord for answering prayer on their behalf! Praise your Name!

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