We have quite a few friends that we need to mention here. However, because of limited space we unfortunately will not be able to give all the details. Trust you understand.


Sue Corning – Castle Rock, CO

Sue is the mother of our daughter in law Michelle. They have diagnosed her with liver cancer that has spread to other areas in her body as well. Our son Greg and Michelle are her primary care givers. In addition to this, they are in the process of making a move to Florida where Greg has accepted a new job. Needless to say, it is a very difficult time, to say the very least. We are praying for them every day and we sure would appreciate your prayers on their behalf as well.


Don & Retha Cook – Colorado Springs, CO

Recently Retha has been diagnosed with cancer in her sternum. She survived breast cancer 20 years ago, and now has to deal with this dreaded disease again. Also, Don has had some health issues as well. Don and I graduated from NBC together back in 1975. And Retha was my assistant when I was working on my doctorate. They are two of our closest friends and we are covering them with our prayers. Please put them on your list, ok?


Gary & Nancy Kendall – Colorado Springs, CO

Sadly, another story of cancer returning. Nancy had breast cancer as well 18 years ago, and it’s now returned. She is one of the most gifted pianists I know, and Gary is my long-time golfing buddy and best friend. We have known this precious couple for many, many years now and our hearts go out to both of them. Whenever a family member goes through something difficult like this, both the husband and wife are in it together. I thank you for praying on their behalf.


Jim Orozco – Roswell, NM

Recently, Jim’s wife Beya called me and informed me that Jim has had some tremendous head aches that has caused him to forget things. He has been to the hospital twice now and it’s now really cause for concern. I guess an MRI showed a tumor by his brain and the doctor’s want to do some exploratory surgery on him, but that decision has not yet been made. They have been two of my most faithful friends and ministry partners for over 20 years now, and my heart aches for them. We know prayer changes things, and we are asking our Lord to really intervene here. We all know that he is able!


Brian Shuttleworth – Milford, OH

He is the 41 year old son of our dear friends Lloyd & Sue.


Unfortunately, recently he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He has been taking chemo treatments and it seems to be working. He has about 10 more treatments to go and the doctor’s has given him a 98% chance of a full recovery! PTL! I have been faithful to pray for him and will continue to do so. Hope you all will do the same!

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