Dr. Gary Haines was a renowned nightclub singer and entertainer in Detroit’s top clubs and elsewhere in the Midwest. He gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ in 1972 after 14 years as a professional entertainer. He now uses his voice to sing and speak the Good News of God’s salvation. Following his conversion and call into full-time evangelism, Dr. Haines attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO where he graduated in 1975. In August 1997, the degree of Doctor of Religious Studies was conferred upon him from Trinity Theological Seminary. In addition to being a full-time preaching/singing tenured evangelist, Gary is constantly working hard to further develop his gifts and talents as a recording artist, producer, composer, and music publisher for the Lord Jesus Christ. Television and radio interviews have been numerous, and Gary has literally reached thousands of people for Jesus through this aspect of his ministry. In great demand throughout the United States and Canada for District Camp meetings, Laymen’s Retreats, College Crusades, as well as local Church Revivals, Gary spends about 40 weeks of each year traveling for his Lord. Gary and his wife Marti reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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